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Colorful Foliage & Pumpkins

Thursday, October 3, 2013

All my life I have seen photos of 
New England
l l    e.
But nothing prepared me for 
the brilliance of the breathtaking views 
around every bend, 
each more spectacular than the last.

As brilliant as the photos are, including this one taken in New Hampshire, 
they do not capture the clarity of the colors seen in real time.  

The camera does not capture the true color. 
The photos show red-ish trees. 
Red trees are truly red! 
Not red-ish, not almost red, not brownish red...

But brilliant RED! 

On edges of lakes and 

in back yards. 

Then there are the legendary covered bridges...
Which seemed to be around every bend in New Hampshire,  
nestled in stunning fall foliage... 

Our fall foliage leaf-peeping tour was not planned to include 
covered bridges, but there they were, 
unexpectedly popping up regularly just a 
short drive from the main road. 

Each day of our trip was more amazing than the previous one. 
Each day brought more and more smiles and laughter at seeing 
the beauty of nature and the unexpected.
 Another covered bridge...just ten minutes from us...
should we take the quick side trip to see this one? 
Why not? We're here! Let's go! 

Most of the bridges are still used to cross mountain rushing streams 
flanked by the ever-present colorful foliage. 
And we drove across them just for the fun of it! 
Turned around on the other side and 
crossed again, headed back on our original path... 

Other side-trips? 
For sure... to see pumpkin fields and pumpkin displays...

The color of the landscape is larger than life...
 and the size of the pumpkins in the area farmer's markets 
is also larger than life. 

Fall decorations at a well-known historical hotel
included the largest pumpkins to be found. 

That fuschia-clothed arm leaning on the mammoth pumpkin 
belongs to my sister and gives a good reference about how huge the 
pumpkin is.   

Fall foliage and huge pumpkins...
sure to bring smiles... 
Please join me at these inspiring sites...