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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

Real French Doors in Sarlat

Thursday, May 9, 2013

All doors in France are
French doors
by virtue of being in France.

If you like the style called
French Country,
then you will love real
French doors.

From a street in medieval Sarlat, France
one can glimpse stone carvings above a door 
just visible over a flower-laden stone wall
hiding a narrow pedestrian walkway.

Just a short distance along the pedestrian way
a courtyard materializes below the greenery
and a better glimpse of the door emerges.

Blue shutters inside the courtyard
and flanking the exterior windows
echo the blue of the door coming into sight.

Real French blue doors.
Not French doors we are accustomed to seeing.
Not glass double doors with wooden pane dividers.

Real French doors.
Real French bleu color.

Massive wooden doors with floret metal studs,
a metal letter slot, a metal keyhole, and a 
single massive iron handle.
All set beneath 
intricately carved stonework
on a narrow pedestrian way
so narrow that a straight-on photo
is impossible to capture the entire door...

A side view captures the stone supports of a
balcony above the doors
and the entire intricately
carved stonework.

What wondrous rooms 
 lie behind the impressive doors and
 open onto the tree-shaded courtyard?

If only someone would open the magnificent doors,
a quick glance inside would be possible.

No one opens the doors, even into the night.
No views of an opulent French decorated foyer.
Or would it be simple French Country decor?
If only someone would open the doors...

Lo, many days, weeks, months,
and soon to be years,
since the first glimpse of the 
French bleu doors in
medieval Sarlat, France,
yet their beauty continues to linger
in my mind, captivating my thoughts,
with the allure of real French doors.
A view inside is possible.
The French bleu doors are the entrance to
Les Chambres du Manoir
(bed and breakfast in a 15th century residence)
13 rue de la république
24200 Sarlat-la-Canéda, France
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