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How to Add Christmas to a French Country Plate Stand

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

How do you add Christmas cheer to an everyday functional French Country plate stand? Easy... add a white poinsettia for instant Christmas cheer! 

Add Christmas to a French Country plate stand with a white poinsettia
The easiest Christmas decorating tip in the world is to add plants associated with Christmas in your region.  And, sometimes plants in a region do not even have to be flowers. 

Williamsburg, Virginia is world renowned for its lavish natural Christmas decorations which often are fresh fruits combined with magnolia leaves. Once the outdoor botanical garlands, wreaths, and planters appear, all of Colonial Williamsburg is a magical Christmas wonderland. 

How  To  Add  CHRISTMAS 

TO  A 

French  Country  Plate  Stand 

Poinsettias are a colorful, showy flower that proclaim Christmas anywhere, including on my French Country plate stand
Wherever you live, there are seasonal plants and flowers that proclaim Christmas and announce the magical  Christmas wonderland around you. In north Texas, poinsettias are the flowers that proclaim the Christmas season. 

Poinsettias are colorful, showy, and plentiful in many parts of the United States. Since poinsettias are available in most garden centers and nurseries in north Texas in December, it is only natural these plants, with long-lasting color, herald the Christmas season for many.   

Poinsettias are even prettier on my French Country plate stand  when displayed in a gold painted clay pot with a gold boxwood star
Only one potted poinsettia is needed to turn my French Country plate stand from everyday to holiday. 

Small individual poinsettias come in a variety of plastic garden pots often surrounded with foil wrapping paper in seasonal colors. While the paper is pretty, a poinsettia is even prettier displayed in a nice container. 

A clay pot painted with gold spray paint adds holiday glamour, and a lone gold painted boxwood star ups the glamour factor. 

Create a beautiful Christmas look on a French Country plate stand in an instant with a white poinsettia

W h i t e   P o i n s e t t i a 

G o l d   C l a y   P o t 

G o l d   B o x w o o d   S t a r 

Just like that, the French Country plate stand is decorated for Christmas. 

Neutral colors of the French Country plate stand and white poinsettia coordinate with all Christmas color schemes
Since the neutral colors of the French Country plate stand and its Christmas decor coordinate with all Christmas color schemes, a Christmas table setting in the kitchen sunspace is easy to coordinate with the plate stand. 

A sneak peek at a colorful red and navy blue Christmas table setting shows how a white poinsettia on a French Country plate stand goes with all Christmas decor
Here is a sneak peek of this year's very colorful Christmas table setting on the breakfast table in the kitchen sunspace. Stop back later in the week to see the entire beautiful Christmas red and navy blue table. 

Until then, add instant Christmas decor to your house by scattering poinsettias in every room. 

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