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French Architecture | Doors

Monday, June 19, 2023

Summertime and my thoughts are filled with traveling to France. Alas, no travel for me this summer, so I am taking a virtual tour to France by rereading older blog posts about previous trips to France. French architecture, including doors and doorways from Paris to ancient smaller cities across France, always captures my attention. And, I have written several blog posts focused solely on my love for French doors. 


Domme, France's medieval doorway is flanked by two large circular guard towers.
So my virtual French tour via older blog posts begins with rereading Amour de Porte fran├žaise (French Door Love). 

The Dordogne region of France is filled with castles, ancient cities, prehistoric caves, and lush countryside with incredible historic architecture. Two towers flank a large doorway entrance into the Medieval city of Domme, certainly a door worthy to make my list of French doors to love.