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Monday, December 7, 2020

A German folklore promises good health and prosperity to one who finds a bird's nest in her Christmas tree. Who could not use good health and prosperity in the upcoming year after this year filled with uncertainty in both? To my delight I found a real bird's nest in the fresh-cut Christmas tree I bought at the local home improvement store's garden center. 

This year's table top tree in the garden shed is decorated with glittered bird's nests, silver preserved eucalyptus sprigs, and silver metal stars with rhinestones.
Each year at least one small table top Christmas tree is part of the season's decorations in my house and in my small garden shed. Instead of buying a small table top tree from a tree lot, I buy a 4'-5' fresh-cut evergreen tree to cut the top off to use as a table top tree. Then I use the rest of the tree for fresh greenery in flower arrangements, garlands, wreaths, and sprinkled in Christmas decor. 

B I R D ' S   N E S T   

I N   C H R I S T M A S   T R E E 

Finding a real bird's nest in my fresh-cut evergreen tree this year was a moment of pure joy.
After getting this year's small tree home, I moved the branches aside to determine the best place to cut the trunk to create a table top tree. There it was... a bird's nest made from soft grasses. 

A  m o m e n t  o f  p u r e  j o y ! 

joie de vivre 

Laughing and talking excitedly, I explained the folklore meaning of finding a bird's nest in a Christmas tree to the handyman who was going to do the actual cutting. And, as you can see, I ran to get the camera to photograph the beautiful bird's nest that brought so much joy. 

Then I carefully removed the nest to give to my sister who collects bird's nests from the wild. 

Isn't it wonderful to have moments of pure joy in everyday living when you least expect it? 

Finding a real bird's nest in my Christmas tree was the inspiration for decorating it with silver bird's nests.
In an instant, a theme popped into my mind for this year's table top tree in the garden shed. 

A  t r e e  W i t h  S i l v e  r

b i r d ' s  n e s t s,  e u c a l p y t u s   s p r i g s,   

r h i n e s t o n e   s t a r s 

Glittered bird's nests have three gold eggs and a long stem to anchor the nest to the Christmas tree.
Glittered bird's nests have three gold eggs and long stems with which to anchor the nests into the tree. 

Silver colored preserved seeded eucalyptus sprigs lie underneath each bird's nest on the Christmas tree.
A preserved seeded eucalyptus sprig lies under each nest. The eucalyptus sprays add a botanical touch to this year's garden shed tree. Silver mercury glass fleur de lis ornaments hang by ribbons from a repurposed French door wood grid above the tree.

Real preserved eucalyptus sprigs mean each sprig is different on this year's Christmas tree with bird's nests.
Since the eucalyptus sprays are real preserved eucalyptus, not faux sprays, each one is different. 

Silver metal stars with rhinestones coordinate with glittered bird's nests on the Christmas tree.
Silver metal stars with rhinestone trim coordinate with the silver glittered bird's nests and eucalyptus. 

Sparkle from glittered nests and star rhinestones add plenty of flickering reflections on the Christmas tree.
No fairy lights on the tree this year. The sparkle from the glittered nests and star rhinestones add plenty of flickering reflections from sunlight during the day and from overhead ceiling lights by night.  

A large red cardinal as a tree topper oversees all the bird's nests on the Christmas tree.
A bright red cardinal, as a tree topper, oversees all the bird's nests. 

A large white French-style urn holds this year's table top Christmas tree decorated with glittering bird's nests.
My favorite white French style urn holds the tree. The tree is screwed to a wood base, and two bricks atop the wood base help stabilize the tree. Fresh water is periodically added to the urn to help keep the cut tree hydrated. 

B i r d ' s    N e s t   O r n a m e n t s  

Bird's nests ornaments are a beautiful way to add a bird's nest to a Christmas tree every year and to ask for blessings of good health and prosperity for the coming year! 

Here's wishing you find a REAL bird's nest in your Christmas tree! 

Joyeux Noël

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Bird's Nest Ornament 
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