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Styled for Summer | Glass Topped Vintage Table

Thursday, May 21, 2020

A glass-topped vintage table on the back porch is styled for summer with a wooden plate rack, blue floral dishes, antique glassware, and potted ivy plants. 

A glass topped vintage table is styled for summer with a good cleaning and a little rearranging
The table has very few changes from one season to the next, but a good spring cleaning and a little rearranging makes every thing fresh again. 

Take a closer look at the vintage table on the back porch for ideas how to use a small table in your outdoor summer spaces. 

S t y l e d   f o r   S u m m e r   

G L A S S - T O P P E D   

V I N T A G E   T A B L E  

A small outdoor table serves as a storage table for collections
A small outdoor table can serve many functions, whether a dining table, a plant potting table, a buffet side table, or like this one, a storage table versatile enough for multiple uses.  

The table itself was created from two repurposed items. A vintage  treadle Singer sewing machine is a strong base for the table. The glass top previously protected a wooden desk top hand painted with wild flowers. Together the two pieces form a beautiful outdoor table. 

Ivy plants are the mainstay for refreshing a vintage outdoor table

What is on the vintage table 
used as a storage table? 

Plants are the perfect way to freshen any space, especially an outdoor table. Potted ivy plants come in many varieties, shapes, and sizes and are a mainstay for inside and outside.  

One pot contains an ivy trimmed to stay bushy. Another pot contains an ivy allowed to grow long trailing tendrils. A third pot contains an ivy trained into a wreath shape.

An outdoor table made using a repurposed Singer sewing base and a glass top is the solution for extra storage space
If there never seems to be enough storage space for collections, an outdoor table can solve the question of where to store small collections. Not only are the items stored when not in use, they are on display to enjoy everyday instead of hiding inside a cabinet or closet. 

A wooden plate rack holds a collection of glass plates and saucers used as protectors under vases and potted plants. The floral blue plates and saucers have cracks or chips which make them unsafe to serve food any longer. Too pretty to throw away, they can still be used to protect wooden furniture inside. Before creating the outdoor table, the dishes were scattered around and moved from place to place. Now they are together and easily located.

A wooden plate rack on the outdoor table holds plates and saucers used as protection under potted plants
The plate rack also holds blue pottery saucers to use underneath plant pots.

Vintage canning jars and electrical insulators sit atop the plate rack and on the glass top. Two more beautiful collections that previously were shuffled from one spot to another. 

Antique electrical insulators and canning jars are stored on an outdoor table

Patented: May 2, 1893

Was there a purpose for the beaded edge or did the designer choose to give a common industrial item some extra style and beauty? Today, antique electrical insulators can serve as weights to prevent stacks of outdoor napkins from blowing away. 

Styled for summer, the glass-topped vintage table is enjoyed on the back porch and through the sunspace windows in the kitchen
Styled for summer, the glass-topped vintage table is enjoyed on the back porch and through the sunspace windows in the kitchen. 


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