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Spring Porch Window Box Basket

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Window boxes are not just for windows. This spring we moved a basket window box from the front entry to a railing on the back porch. 

Spring Porch Window Box Basket on back porch railing
Reasons for moving the window box basket include a better location to see the plants. The window basket was in the small front entry garden visible to all who came and went by the front door, but was too far away for a good view of the plants. 

After thinking about the possible move, other reasons convinced us the move was a good idea.

S P R I N G   P O R C H 

B A S K E T   W I N D O W   B O X 

Reasons to Move the Basket Window Box


Spring Porch Window Box Basket has greater visibility on the porch railing than under a high window
While the window box in the front entry was visible to everyone coming and going, the basket was several feet away from the brick walkway. Now, on the porch railing, you can walk right up to the basket for a close view of all of the plants. 

Plus, we spend much more time on the porch than in the front entry and see the plants more often.   

Spring Porch Window Box Basket is visible from the kitchen through a sunspace
An unexpected benefit of the new location is being able to see the plants from inside the kitchen. Coming and going in the kitchen gives glimpses of the basket of flowers all during the day. Whether preparing meals, sitting at the breakfast table, cleaning up dishes,  or passing through to the living room, the window box is visible. 

Spring Porch Window Box Basket blue lobelia blooms are visible from inside at the breakfast table
The best view is from sitting at the breakfast table, looking out through the sunspace windows. The blue lobelia blooms are close enough to enjoy their brilliant color and tiny blossom details. 


Spring Porch Window Box Basket gets more sunlight on the porch railing than under a shady entry window
The front entry is small and shaded by the house on three sides which limits the amount of sunlight the window box received. 

On the porch railing the wire basket hangs over the edge of the railing into a spot that receives more sunlight needed for blooming flowers. 

  Plant Care 

Spring Porch Window Box Basket on a back porch railing is countertop high
The window box was several feet off the ground under the window in the entry garden which made it hard to reach the window box from outside. On the porch railing, the window basket is countertop height making it easy to work with the plants. 

💦 A water faucet connected to a hose makes it easy to water all plants on the porch. And the window box height makes it easy to keep track of when the soil dries out. 

🌱 Adding plants, potting soil, and fertilizer to the window basket is much easier on the porch rail than under the window in the entry. Pouring soil or fertilizer down into the basket is a breeze compared to climbing a step ladder carrying potting soil and fertilizer to reach the plant basket. 

Spring Porch Window Box Basket makes plant care easy for watering, adding fertilizer, and snipping fresh herbs
🌿 Snipping fresh herbs from the window basket is convenient since the porch is just steps away from the kitchen. 

Spring Porch Window Box Basket has herbs, ivy, and blooming plants
Filled with herbs, ivy, and blooming plants, the freshly planted spring window basket is much better located on the porch than under a window in the shady front entry garden. 


Moving the window box basket was the first step in refreshing the back porch and decks this spring. More posts are planned to show the progress on clean-up and arranging the furniture. 

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