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French Country Early Summer Table Setting

Sunday, July 7, 2019

{Disclosure: If you purchase items from Botanic Bleu Square Market, I receive compensation for your purchase. See my Disclosure and Privacy Policy for more information.} 

An early summer table setting with beautiful French Country white enamel scroll flatware and pink peonies is one of my favorite table settings this year.   

French country early summer table setting with white dishes and pink peonies
Finding beautiful French country style white enamel flatware was quite by happenstance. Sometimes you can find the perfect pieces to complement existing china without intentionally searching for them. 

F R E N C H   C O U N T R Y   

E A R L Y   S U M M E R   

T A B L E   S E T T I N G   

French country early summer table setting with white enamel scroll flatware
True, I was not searching for new flatware. However, I was searching at the wholesale markets in the Dallas Market Center for French Country design items for my French Country Christmas Event held each year in my backyard garden shed/house. 

French country early summer table setting has a new white scroll enamel flatware pattern
The flatware is a brand new pattern available for the first time this year. As soon as I saw it, I loved its romantic pattern that goes well with existing scroll-edged white dinner plates. 

French country early summer table setting with a romantic pink peony centerpiece
Lush pink peonies are also romantic touches for a lovely French country dinner table. Ruffled edges and a faint sweet fragrance exude French elegance. 

French country early summer table setting with five-piece place setting white enamel scroll design flatware
Each flatware place setting has five pieces: knife, fork, salad fork, spoon, and soup spoon. 

French country early summer table setting with beautiful new French white scroll enamel flatware
The weight and style of the pieces feel good to the hand; smooth to touch and balanced for easy use. How something feels is at the top of my list for whether or not to buy it. Shoes, clothes, dishes, upholstery, bedding, etc... all must pass the touch-test. No matter how beautiful something looks, if it does not also feel beautiful, I will pass on buying it. 

French country early summer table setting with white scroll enamel soup spoon
While the large spoon is called a soup spoon, I like to use that spoon size as a serving spoon for family meals. 

White color matches the white dinner plates for a summery pink and white table. And, white will go with other table settings to come; red, white, and blue patriotic tables, plus white Christmas tables with white poinsettias or amaryllis are visions not fully formed, but developing in my mind. 

French country early summer table setting pairs pink with white for a fresh summer look
The white table setting sits on old pink and white placemats retrieved from the bottom of the linen drawer while searching for items to go with the fresh pink peony centerpiece. 

French country early summer table setting includes coasters with lavender designs with French connections
A set of coasters with four different lavender designs adds more summery scenes with French connections to the table. 

French country early summer table setting includes source for new French scroll white enamel flatware
What part of the table is the star is debatable. The white plates, the scrolled flatware, and the fresh pink peonies each bring romance and beauty to the French country early summer table setting. 

S O U R C E S 

Pink and white placemats: Pier One, several years ago

Pink mercury glass flower vase: Magnolia Market, Waco, TX

White scrolled plates: Pier One, Madeline pattern, discontinued 

White Scroll enamel flatware: Botanic Bleu, send message with email address for reply with details 

Lavender Scene Coasters: Botanic Bleu, send message with email address for reply with details 


  1. This post is really helpful for me. Great ideas for my tea party. Happy summer personal creations 25 off plus free shipping

  2. Simply beautiful, Judith! You're right, that flatware will be so versatile!

  3. Hi, Judith,

    Can you kindly provide more details about this beautiful flatware? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Unknown,
      Could you send me an email at and include your email address so I can reply to your request, please?


  4. Judith, this post is so pretty! I love everything about this beautiful post. I love peonies (one of my favorirte flowers), and I love your pretty pink placemats, too.

  5. I’m new to this site and really enjoy its content. However the print is so small it is barely readable. I use a full size tablet and cannot see the captions especially when in blue print!

  6. You have found some lovely new items for your shop, Judith! Your table is just beautiful.

  7. Oh, those are beautiful flatware pieces! SO pretty! And those plates! I may have to see if I can find those on eBay! Gorgeous, Judith! So happy to have you at Tuesday Turn About!


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