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Peach French Tuteur Trellis

Monday, May 20, 2019

This spring peach French tuteur trellises are the biggest change in my flower gardens. We had them in the vegetable garden for the past few years, and they were burgundy before being painted peach. 

Three French Country Trellis Tuteurs in a Narrow Flower Garden
As I looked at the narrow flower garden strip below the covered back porch, I realized the peach French tuteur trellises would fit nicely in the space and would help hide the dark open area under the porch. 

P E A C H   F R E N C H 

T U T E U R   T R E L L I S 

Gardens are ever changing landscapes by their very nature. Growing, blooming, fruiting, dying is the natural cycle for plants, but containers, trellises, fences, pathways, and buildings are also part of gardens. Usually they do not change much, but occasionally a change in one or more of them gives a fresh look to an existing old space.  

French Country Peach Tuteur Trellises capture your attention as soon as enter the walkway
As soon as you approach the backyard along the paver walkway, the French tuteurs in their new spot capture your attention. 

French Country Peach Tuteurs with Potted Bleu Lobelias
Cream clay flower pots sit between three trellises. Blue lobelia leans toward the sun and will spill over the edge of the pots as summer progresses. 

French Country Peach Tuteurs with Potted Bleu Lobelias
Each pot contains a mixture of annual and perennial flowers. Spanish lavender is supposed to be a perennial in my plant zone, but frequently dies when the winter is extremely harsh. 

Oxalis, lobelia, scabiosa, and Spanish lavender in Clay Pots
The lobelia is an annual flower, but the white oxalis and blue scabiosa, commonly called pincushion flowers, are dependable perennials which will come back next spring. 

Peach French Tuteurs with French Country Garden Shed in Backyard
At first the trellises sat close to the paver walkway with five existing Russian sage plants behind them. Each of the trellises had a Russian sage behind it, and there was a Russian sage between the trellises.

A week after putting the trellises in place close to the paver walkway, I decided to move the three tuteurs close to the porch to gain room to plant new Provence Lavender in front of each trellis. 

Potted Flowers in Front of Peach French Tuteurs
By moving the trellises back, the clay pots receive more direct sun. 

Peach French Tuteur with new Provence Lavender bedding plants
Two Provence Lavender plants are now planted in front of each of the three trellises. 

Peach French Tuteurs along curved paver Peach French Tuteurs with bedding plants in backyard gardenwalkway in backyard
This new arrangement also makes the existing rosemary plants to line up with the clay pots and new Provence Lavender. 

Peach French Tuteurs along curved paver walkway in backyard
Rosemary seems to like where they are planted. This is their third year and have grown from small 4" starter pots. 

Peach French Tuteurs in front of raised back porch
Each of the three peach French tuteur trellises sits over a Russian sage, and one Russian sage sits between two trellises. The sage may need to be moved to another location, but are going to stay here for this summer to see how they fare. 

View of open space under raised porch before new French tuteurs were added to the garden
Here is a look at how the narrow flower bed below the raised porch looked a year ago the first week of March. The space under the porch is a gaping hole to the eyes. The Russian sage had yet to sprout their new growth and the rosemary plants were much smaller. 

Peach French tuteurs with elevated porch and walkway leading to driveway
With the peach colored trellises the whole area is brightened and  your attention is drawn away from the open area under the porch. The peach color blends well with the red and gray multi-colored pavers. 

Peach French tuteurs with sunspace in background
The Provence lavender and the potted flowers' colors look pretty with the peach. 

Normally the view of the kitchen breakfast area sunspace is one looking toward the backyard through the windows while sitting inside. Here you can see what the outside of the breakfast sunspace looks like. 

Peach French tuteurs in backyard with French garden shed in background
Standing in the same place as the last photo, this is the view to the opposite direction. The French style garden shed/house is a few steps away along a paver walkway. Purple oxalis and ivy grow in the large blue pot, and white dianthus grows in the white pot on the bottom step of the stairs to the porch. All of them come back each spring. 

Peach French Tuteurs with statue in spring backyard garden
This view is from the walkway coming from the driveway. The rye grass meadow is on the right side of the walkway, and the black wrought-iron trellis leads to a path in the native wooded area. 

The Virginia Creeper vine near the girl statue is a native plant that grows randomly in wooded areas. Any plant that is native, returns each year, and needs no supplementary water or fertilizer is allowed to grow in my countryside garden ... as long as it not poisonous (poison ivy, poison oak) or has large thorns (saw briars.) Wild blackberries have thorns, but they are small, and the plants provide food for the birds. So they also are allowed to grow in my countryside garden. 

The native plants and billowy meadow are unstructured parts of my country garden, while the peach French tuteur trellises add a bit of structured French style to my garden. 

My house and garden in the country are French-inspired, but also reflect the natural plants in my region. 

happy gardening to you 

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