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Winter Blue Deer Pillow

Friday, January 25, 2019

When winter blues settle in, use a blue deer embroidered velvety pillow to give your home winter warmth. 

Winter blue embroidered pillow warms homes during winter
While crisp and bright whites help cool inside on hot summer days, those same whites cool inside on cold winter days. Color mixed with white and warm natural woods give winter rooms more warmth than austere neutrals only. 

Winter blue embroidered pillow warms homes during winter
Texture along with color provides more warmth. A blue velvety deer with embroidered highlights appears warmer than a cotton print. The thick herringbone fabric of the pillow also adds warmth compared to a thin lightweight linen fabric. 

Some designs lend themselves to different seasons of the year. Flowers for spring and summer, russet leaves for fall, evergreen hollies for Christmas, and snowflakes for winter are traditional design-season combinations. 

A blue deer pillow has a winter feel for me. Why is it we think deer are a winter design and not a summer design? 

Winter blue embroidered pillow warms homes during winter
Layers of pillows and a coverlet are warmer to the touch than a bare wood pew. The quilted throw provides both visual warmth and actual warmth for wrapping around your arms and legs on chilly days and nights. 

With fabric weight, texture, and design a winter room can be warmed and cheered with a blue deer pillow and a throw. 

Here's hoping your home is snug and warm during the wintry days of December through March.