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French Country Thanksgiving Table Setting

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A French Country Thanksgiving table setting sets the stage for a traditional French Country recipe, Coq Au Vin, for you to cook  for your family during the Thanksgiving holidays. 

Welcome to my French-inspired home for ideas for your family to Gather 'Round The Table this Thanksgiving holiday. In this season of thankfulness, I am grateful for Amber at Follow The Yellow Brick Home for hosting a Gather 'Round The Table Blog Hop for 20 of our blogging friends to share ideas for Thanksgiving with all our readers as you prepare for your family's celebration of the holiday. 

If you are coming from Rosemary-Thyme, I so glad you are here. Be sure to see the links to all of the other Gather 'Round The Table ideas for Thanksgiving at the end of the post.  


Coq Au Vin is a traditional French recipe made using chicken thighs and legs for a new recipe for your family Thanksgiving meal. But, if your family insists on a traditional Thanksgiving meal, you can adapt the Coq Au Vin recipe to use any poultry leftovers for the day after Thanksgiving. 

No dried out leftover turkey sandwiches. Instead the recipe makes a moist sauce great for sopping up with freshly-baked rolls. Serve with a fresh salad, and you have a delicious day-after Thanksgiving meal. 

French Country Thanksgiving Table for Coq Au Vin
A link to a Coq Au Vin recipe is at the end of the post for you if you are game for a hearty meal with a wine-based sauce. 

F R E N C H   C O U N T R Y   

T H A N K S G I V I N G   T A B L E   S E T T I N G 

What better way to set the stage for your French Country meal than to serve the Coq Au Vin in a rooster soup tureen? 

French Country Thanksgiving white rooster soup tureen for serving Coq Au Vin
Coq Au Vin is a one-dish meal perfect for serving in a covered soup tureen. The lid helps keep the recipe piping hot as everyone gathers around the table. 

French Country Thanksgiving place setting for soup

A simple one-pot meal calls for a simple table setting, but simple does not mean plain. Use your good silverware, placemats, pretty dishes, and a spray of champagne-colored shiny leaves as a base to the tureen centerpiece. 

A soup bowl for the Coq Au Vin and a salad plate for the green salad are stacked for saving space on a small table. In the USA we most often serve salad as a starter course, but in France, salad is most often served following the main dish. 

In this place setting the bowl is used for the Coq Au Vin, then removed from the table. Then the salad is served on the salad plate. 

French Country Thanksgiving place setting soup  with French script feather napkin ring
A feather printed with French script is a nod to both the French recipe for Coq Au Vin and the American traditional Thanksgiving meal of roasted turkey. 

See a link at the end for how I created these French Script Feathers. 

French Country Thanksgiving place setting soup bowl with creamy peonies centerpiece
Fresh peonies provide traditional Fall color to the table. 

French Country Thanksgiving vintage soup ladle from Paris flea market
A silverplated vintage French ladle for serving the Coq Au Vin is face down to show the beautiful back of the ladle. I found this ladle at the Place d'Aligre flea market in Paris, France several years ago. 

French Country Thanksgiving wood carved vintage French table
The ladle was one of several French flea market finds offered in my very first annual French Country Christmas Event, but did not sell. I decided to keep it. One thing I use to help me decide whether or not to offer an item for sale is whether or not I would love the item in my own home. 

French Country Thanksgiving white rooster soup tureen
And when an item has a French Country connection, I know that if an item does not sell, I will love to keep it. 

French Country Thanksgiving table setting white rooster soup tureen
When setting a small table, there may not be enough room for flowers on the table. Since the peonies made the table seem crowded, I removed them. 

French Country Thanksgiving with white chrysanthemums in a French market flower basket
Keep in mind you can use fresh flowers in the room someplace other than the table. A French Country flower/market basket holds white chrysanthemums in the breakfast sunspace with the table. 

French Country Thanksgiving vintage French table set with white rooster soup tureen
A simple French Country table is a great place to serve a delicious French meal during the Thanksgiving holidays, either as the main Thanksgiving Day meal or as a day-after Thanksgiving lunch. 

Thank you for reading my 

Simple, but not plain, ideas filled with French Country inspiration for a new Thanksgiving tradition at your house.  

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