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Fall French Style Plate Stand

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Easy, inexpensive Fall decorating on a 

French-style plate stand takes mere minutes. 

The French-style plant stand that became a plate stand in my kitchen holds my white china which makes it super easy to add seasonal touches to it.  Everything goes with white! 

There is no easier way to add Fall to the French-style plate stand than with those adorable, everybody's favorite, white Baby Boo pumpkins. 

Easy inexpensive fall decor on a french style plate stand with white dishes
White dishes on a gray zinc metal French-style stand is the ultimate neutral combination that can change to a colorful display in an instant, a blink of the eye. Just place colorful small objects in the dishes. 

But not for this Fall. No color . . . just more white. 

F A L L   F R E N C H - S T Y L E   P L A T E   S T A N D 

For Fall, a time when the landscape in north Texas goes straight from green to brown and gray, white Baby Boo pumpkins brighten that dull palette while, at the same time, say, "Fall." 

Easy inexpensive fall decor on a french style plate stand with pumpkins in white dishes
Plus, it only takes a handful of white pumpkins to introduce seasonal decor. Fall decorating could not get any easier. Put one pumpkin in the top bowl of the stack of soup bowls, and put another one in the large serving bowl atop the stack of dinner plates. 

Easy inexpensive fall decor on a french style plate stand with pumpkins in white dishes
The white geranium on the top shelf bloomed all summer, but is becoming straggly. In the next few days, I plan to add a new plant in its place. At the same time, I will switch the small pillow and rolled wrapping paper on the bottom shelf for another plant. 

Maybe I will add a small green pumpkin/squash to the stoneware pot on the bottom shelf instead of a plant . . .  until Christmas decorating begins. 

Remember a tip from my French-inspired fall living room post about how to decorate beautifully on a budget? 

A tip for creating beautiful decor on a budget 

is to use the same items in multiple places 

over a decorating season. 

One of the green pumpkins from the porch may be just the right size for the white stoneware bowl. With all the rain, I brought the pumpkins inside so they would not rot. 

Easy inexpensive fall decor on a vintage blue high chair with pumpkins in a white French style urn
Two more Baby Boos fill the small French flower pot on the old blue high chair. 

Years ago, I bought the Shaker-style child's high chair for the daughter of our very close friends. We often ate meals together, and we needed a chair for their precious baby to sit at the table with us. When her baby sister was born, she also used this high chair at our house. 

Each of the girls had her own special plate from which to eat at my house. One of the plates had a Noah's ark scene, and the other plate was red with white hearts around the border. Both of these little ones are now grown with their own sweet little ones. 

Lots of great memories eating around our kitchen table with that family. 

I gave each of the girls her special plate as a Christmas present after they both had homes of their own. 

How time flies! 

Easy inexpensive fall decor on a vintage blue high chair with pumpkins in a white French style urn
Now, the high chair makes a great place for plants . . . or Baby Boo pumpkins. 

Four Baby Boo pumpkins 

. . . all that is needed to add easy, inexpensive Fall decor to the French-style plate stand and the memory-filled high chair. 



  1. This is really beautiful! I'm loving more and more white in this season too. It feels peaceful and just lovely. The way you combine something new with your beloved items really speaks to me.

  2. The zinc plant stand is enviable, but so is the view through the windows. I love it that you are decorating with whites for fall, it's lovely and it's peaceful.

  3. I love the plant stand styled with the white dinnerware -- so elegant and beautiful! I always try to use white in my decor because it is so versatile! Have a great one and I hope you are feeling better!

  4. I agree that Baby Boos are the perfect color and size to tuck into nooks and crannies for Fall. I use them throughout my tiny 570' farmhouse where every inch of space has to be used wisely. Such a lovely plant stand.

  5. I luv what you did with this stand. I'd luv to invite you to share it with us at Wall to Wall DIY Wednesday, which runs thru Mondays! Pinned!

  6. It is all so beautiful! I am featuring you today at TFT! Happy November Judith!


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