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Fall French Country Kitchen | Ornamental Kale

Friday, September 28, 2018

Fall officially arrived last week, and Fall arrived in my country kitchen as well, in the form of fresh vegetables used as decor. Potted ornamental kale in shades of purple and green sit on the island and the shelf behind the sink . 

The kale reminds me of French country potagers (vegetable gardens) where French families grow fresh vegetables in neatly structured plots for their daily meals. 

fall french country kitchen decorated with ornamental kale

 F A L L   F R E N C H   C O U N T R Y   K I T C H E N 

O R N A M E N T A L   K A L E 

decorate with the colors you love 

Ornamental kale from gardening nurseries, not backyard gardens, probably should not be eaten since you do not know if the growers used pesticides on the plants. Just a thought . . .

fall french country kitchen with stone wall decorated with ornamental kale
Instead, enjoy potted ornamental kale inside your kitchen for a few days, then transplant to outdoor landscape spots to give color all winter long . . . or at least until the kale begins to form flower shoots. 

fall french country kitchen with stone wall decorated with ornamental kale in french wire baskets
French wire baskets are some of my favorite containers to use all over the house, not just in the kitchen. Their rustic shapes fit easily with the house's ceiling beams and the stone wall in the kitchen.  

All are designed to add French Country style to my house on a wooded 2 acres in the countryside. Not the French countryside, but just within minutes from one of the largest metropolitans in the United States. 

dazzling white and blue french country kitchen decorated with ornamental kale for fall
Fall in many parts of the USA arrives with orange pumpkins, rust-colored chrysanthemums, dried cornstalks, and brilliant red leaves. And homes are decorated with all the glory of the changing season. 

french country kitchen decorated with ornamental kale in french style urns for fall
But, in my blue and white kitchen, I like to use colors near blue on the color wheel. 

Decorate with what you like, not with what is expected. 

Colors near blue ... Purple on one side, and green on the other side. You know, blue and red make purple, and blue with yellow makes green. 

Which allows me to keep my everyday items on display alongside seasonal decor. Like a bunny peeking out of a blue pot and a single blue pansy plant in a purple pot. 

french country kitchen decorated with ornamental kale in french style urns for fall
Natural color oak cabinets were painted white over 10 years ago, and the blue laminated countertops are original to my house built over 31 years ago. 

Light blue and white keep the natural unfinished pine ceiling joists and boards from making the room too dark.  

french country kitchen with natural colored pine ceiling and pot rack decorated with ornamental kale for fall
At the same time, natural wood tones add warmth to the cool whites and blues. 
  • ceiling, 
  • shelf behind the kitchen sink, 
  • antique pine stool, 
  • seats of the blue counter stools, 
  • French country breakfast table and chairs.  

The remaining spots of purple and green in the kitchen are not seasonal decor, but everyday items that work in any season . . .  
  • plaid blue, purple, and green kitchen towels, 
  • purple basket on the wooden pot rack,
  • blue and purple linen towel from France on top of the refrigerator. 

I hope your Fall is filled with the colors you love like my French country kitchen is filled with the colors I love. 

Experience a little . . .  

joie de vivre 
(joy of living)


Mark your calendars for three (yes, 3) Fall home tours in October. 

🍁 My new front entry garden landscaping will be in, and the front porch will be all decorated for a Celebrating Fall Outdoors: Porches, Patios, and Gardens Tour on October 9, 2018 with over 20 other blogging friends. 
The date has been moved from Oct. 2 to Oct. 9 in order to have pumpkins, with the best stems 😘, as part of our outdoor spaces. 

🍁 October 8-11, 2018 is the Third Annual (I think) Fall in Love With Texas home tour. Pumpkins should be in Texas by then! 

🍁 October 23, 2018 is the Bountiful Baskets Blog Hop, once again with over 20 other blogging friends. I can't wait to show off a French hen basket rescued from a trash pile on the curb. 
Talk about curb appeal! Finding a French hen basket on the curb is the best kind!

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