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Pantry Makeover Plans

Friday, August 17, 2018

Spring is not the only time for deep cleaning a house. After taking a discerning look at my kitchen pantry, I realized a deep cleaning and makeover were way past overdue. 

It has only been 30 years since the interior was painted. 

Pantry in French Country Kitchen with limestone wall makeover plans
Here is the pantry door... just to the left of the stone wall in the kitchen.

P A N T R Y   M A K E O V E R   P L A N S 

Pantry makeover plans for updating pink walls with French Country toile wallpaper
As I was standing there, door open, pondering the pepto pink walls, I wondered why I ever thought pepto pink was a good color for my pantry interior walls . . . or for any place in my blue house. 

Those pink walls have been a well-hidden secret, lurking about, behind the closed pantry door all these years. 

Pantry makeover plans for updating pink walls with French Country toile wallpaper
The first step will be take everything out of the pantry. Sort through the contents. Throw away out-of-date spices, mixes, and home-canned goods.  You have a closer view of those inexplicable pink walls. 

Also, I need to go through the keys on the key hooks, and check which keys open what locks around the house. We replaced exterior door handles and deadbolt locks over the years. Something tells me there are some keys left over from long-gone locks. 

Do you find old keys collect at your house, too? 

Pantry makeover plans for updating pink walls with French Country toile wallpaper
You do have rose petals in your pantry, too. Right? Maybe not rose petals, but are there things you never use? 

Once everything being kept is sorted, I need to organize the contents better than throwing everything into a wire basket. 

Pantry makeover plans for updating pink walls with French Country toile wallpaper
The turntable organizers work well for me and will stay... after a thorough cleaning that includes disinfecting.

The beneath-the-shelf slide out baskets will stay, also, but  be organized better. 

Pantry makeover plans for white washing an exposed brick wall
The ceiling is natural pine flooring from the second floor underside above the pantry. I have not decided the final finish for both the ceiling and wood shelves

The white-painted wood supports for the shelves will be sanded down to be a more white-washed finish. 

See the exposed brick wall of the fireplace inside the pantry? I envision white-washing the bricks to blend with the white Austin limestones of the wall in the kitchen. 

The white ceramic ceiling light socket may be removed, but maybe not. 

Pantry makeover plans for adding French Country toile wallpaper
And, that pepto pink paint? Instead of paint, I see dancing French messieurs and mesdames in dark blue and creamy white. 

messieurs  (courtesy title of respect to French men)
mesdames (courtesy title of respect to French women) 

Pantry makeover plans for adding French Country toile wallpaper and white canisters
White basketweave canisters will be part of the newly organized pantry. 

Seasons of the year fill the scenes in the toile wallpaper that will replace the painted pink wall.  

The best scene? A Christmas scene not visible in this section of wallpaper . . . and my favorite . . . will be the most prominent scene in the made over pantry. 

What was my inspiration for French maypoles and Christmas scenes in my pantry? A new Instagram account I have started following @thefrenchnestcointeriordesign created a dish pantry  from an under-the-stairs closet that captured my heart. If you take the link to her dish pantry, be sure to click on the arrows to see all the photos. 

For those of you who love French Country design, Jennifer Lincoln-Cutler of @thefrenchnestcointeriordesign is one to follow. Her Instagram feed has both her own home and homes of her clients. She uses a mix of new materials and French architectural antiques in her design work. 

Today is the day to move from plans to action, and to start the beautiful transformation of my pantry makeover with a little French Country love. 


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  1. Hi, Judith. I really love your walk-in pantry because I don't have one. Even pink, it's a great space, but the toile will make it incredible. Don't feel embarrassed about old color choices. It seemed perfect at the time, I'm sure. You would LOL if you saw the rainbow of old colors I've used in my house over the years. I will look forward to seeing your finished project. Hugs, Dana

  2. It is going to be perfect. Can't wait to see it.

  3. What a fun way to use that beautiful wallpaper! Can't wait to see how it turns out. In the mean time,I will be checking out Jennifer's instagram.

  4. Your ideas are very inspiring. Love the canisters and toile. I had to laugh about the pink walls. We all have those what was i thinking moments.


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