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Friend Lives in Your Heart DIY Envelope

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Friends live in your heart forever. 

A Paper Series Post 

Paper is a versatile, inexpensive medium useful for wide-ranging projects. What better way to begin a new series than to celebrate friendship since this paper series post, and more to come, are offered as tokens of friendship to you, Botanic Bleu readers and followers. 

Any gathering of friends for whatever the reason is a good time to share small hearts as tokens of friendship. Whether the gathering is for book club, a friend's birthday, a Bible study, a Valentine's party, a retirement luncheon, or a bloggers' luncheon, party favors with hearts are a good way to recognize special times together with friends. 

I made these DIY envelope/place card party favors for friends who attended my retirement luncheon as an educator, but can be made  

for any occasion celebrating Friendship 

DIY envelope place card
Today's post is a tutorial with templates for creating a beautiful glassine do-it-yourself (DIY) small envelope to use as a place card and to hold a party favor. 

Links for an envelope template and a print-out of the quote, "A friend lives in your heart forever," are at the end of the post. 

D I Y  E N V E L O P E S // P L A C E C A R D S

M A T E R I A L S   N E E D E D 
  1. Envelope template - download link found at the end of the post 
  2. Lightweight paper cardstock
  3. Glassine paper - craft supply stores like Michaels usually carry glassine paper in several colors 
  4. Scissors 
  5. Pencil 
  6. Rubber cement glue - works very well to glue paper 
  7. Printed friendship quotes - download link found at the end of the post 
  8. One scalloped merchandise tag - about 1 3/4" x 2 3/4"
  9. Hole punch
10. Glue dots 
11. Heart stickers 
12. Ribbon - color coordinate with the color of the envelope 
13. Small glass hearts 

E N V E L O P E   D I R E C T I O N S 

free printable template directions for DIY envelope
Any paper can be used to make the envelopes, but glassine paper adds a special flair. The original blue glassine envelope that inspired these party-favor/place-card envelopes came from Printemps, a large department store in Paris, France. 

DIY heart party favor envelope
✯ The back of the envelope will look something like this one after it is glued together and sealed with a heart sticker. The envelope shown does not have a glass heart party favor inside. 

Q U O T E   T A G   D I R E C T I O N S 

free printable friend lives in your heart forever tags

✯ Download the template at the end of the post for the sheet of 15 friendship quote tags. 

✯ Print the friendship quotes on lightweight white paper cardstock. 

✯ Use a scalloped merchandise tag to trace an outline around each of the 15 quotes on the printed page. Leave enough white space at the top of each quote to hand write the name on the place card. The free printable has grid lines to help you position the tag to trace. 

✯ Cut out the 15 place cards. 

✯ Use a hole punch (small hole size) to punch out the hole at the top center of each of the place cards. 

✯ Hand write the name of each guest on a place card. 

ALTERNATE method for creating the white scalloped "A friend lives in your heart forever" place card. 
AVERY has a special scallop printable tag. See Avery Product Tag #22848  You will have to type in the quote on your computer following the Avery directions. You can also type the guest names on the tags. Where were these when I needed them to make my DIY envelope/place cards? 

DIY envelope place card directions
✯ Tie a narrow ribbon through the hole at the top of each card. Make a small bow, leave long 'tails', and wrap each tail around a thin pencil/pen to create curls.  

DIY scalloped name card envelope
✯ Use a glue dot to attach the white scalloped name card/quote to the front of each envelope. The glue dot allows the white name card to float on the envelope. Position the white place card at an angle on the envelope.  

Wait until the envelope/place card is completely assembled before inserting a glass heart party favor into the envelope. 

DIY envelope heart sticker seal
✯ Insert a glass heart party favor inside the envelope. Glass hearts can be found online. 

✯ Close the top back flap with a heart sticker. These are Martha Stewart heart stickers found at Michaels. They are also available online. Martha Stewart Heart Stickers 

DIY envelope name card heart quote
✯ Place an envelope/place card at each place setting. Tell each guest to open their envelopes to find the hearts for them to take home as party favors, reminders of the special occasion 

when friends of the heart came together to celebrate their friendship  


Free printable Friend Lives in Your Heart Envelope Template for personal use only. 

Free printable A Friend Lives Forever in Your Heart quotes for personal use only. 

Let me know if you have any questions about the directions.