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3 Quick Changes To Coastal From Valentines

Monday, July 10, 2017

Summer is slipping by... 

The last time I looked at the stone shelf in the kitchen it had Valentines, and now summer has slipped past Independence Day moving toward summer vacations and beach time. With just three quick changes, I updated the kitchen stone shelf from Valentines to coastal decor. 


Blue and white dishes paired with boxwood are the perfect backdrop for seasonal decorations in a summery kitchen. With just a few changes, the stone shelf goes from Valentines to coastal, while keeping the classic blue and white dishes and boxwood.

Here's how to achieve a casual beach arrangement with 


Swap the large preserved boxwood heart topiary for a large preserved boxwood bouquet with bundled twig stems. 


Replace the French script papier mรขchรฉ hearts with large white starfish found in a Florida beachside shop. Not near a coastal town, but longing for a coastal look? HomeGoods had large bundles of white starfish early this summer. 


Replace the white ceramic bird bottle holding a small ornament with a moss heart with a sea-glass green bottle holding another large white starfish. 


Lean a couple more white starfish along the shelf so the arms of the starfish point in different directions. By varying the positions of the arms, the arrangement has a more casual beachy look than the formal look created by lining the starfish up on the shelf with all of their arms positioned in the same direction. 


In less than fifteen minutes a Valentine stone shelf becomes a casual coastal arrangement filled with colors and objects found in the sea and sky. 


Quick, easy, and so doable by anyone without spending much money. 



Would you like more ideas for seascape decor? Then see my Pinterest board.....  Seascape Decor

Check back later in a few days for more seascape inspiration from me. After finishing the stone kitchen shelf, I had lots of extra time to create 1] a French script coastal banner and 2] a summer coastal country tablescape. 

Yes, I found a way to blend France with summery coastal decor, including a free printable, and I found another way to blend Southern farm country with coastal decor, including yet another free printable. 

Thanks for reading and sharing my little French-inspired corner of the world with others you know.