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Friday, February 24, 2017

~ Accessories ~

Paris Hôtel de Ville 
When selecting furnishings, lighting, and accessories for a French Country look, how do we decide what to use? Botanic Bleu provides examples straight from France through photos taken by me. Together we will study the photos, and then see how to translate French designs into our own homes. 

Lamp posts on the wide paved plaza in front of the Paris Hôtel de Ville (city hall) are as beautiful as utilitarian. Instead of a plain lamp post and base, the bases are intricate multi-layered patterns made more beautiful by people constantly touching them over the past one hundred and twenty-five years. With each touch a little of the top color is removed to reveal the under base color. 

Add French Country design to your home by choosing accessories with intricate patterns like the raised leaf pattern in the base of a small music stand. The base shown is not a perfect match for the Paris street lamp base, but has the same overall feel in color, patina, and design as the street lamp base. 

Large pieces like stone walls, ceiling beams, armoires and bergère chairs are the foundation for French Country design in a room, but accessories reinforce the look. A coherent design comes from layering the design with smaller pieces. 

Music stands are not just for music scores. Display books, magazines, small framed prints, greeting cards, or vintage French documents on a music stand to add another layer to a room's decor. 

Change the items on the music stand when the seasons change. This is an easy way to add extra zest to a room without spending much money. The cherubs used for Valentine's will soon be replaced with prints of Spring flowers, birds, nests, and trees. 

A white tabletop wreath holder has a French style base with scrolled designs as well as a French style top with a shell design. 

 Accessories can make or break a room's overall design. With just a little investment, a room begins to F E E L  French Country. The wreath holder came from Hobby Lobby, and the music stand came from a small local gift shop. Each piece cost far less than a lamp, but adds as much to a room's design as a lamp does. 

Speaking of lamps, watch for lamps with designs similar to the Paris lamp post. I have my eye on a lamp I hope to buy this year. 

If you are trying to have an authentic touch of French style in your home, visit Botanic Bleu on Fridays to go to the source for French style through snapshots of French architecture, houses, textiles, metal work, food, woodwork, landscapes... and discover inspiration for creating 

a French-inspired garden and home. 

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