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Home Office Christmas Decor

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Home offices and studies can be hard to give a little Christmas cheer. Work surfaces have to be kept clear for, well, working. Then there's the personality and style of the person who works in the office or study. Here are some tips for home office Christmas decor that keeps the work space clear and fits masculine personalities. 

Subtle small changes that do not add new items in the office, but that replace existing items is an easy way to add a little Christmas to a work space. A lamp finial can be switched from a standard version to a holiday version. Lighting stores and hardware stores often have speciality finials. 

A brass Merry Christmas finial goes well with many decorating styles, including traditional style that often is the style of home offices. 

Replacing other items with red or green ones is another way to add holiday style without adding more items. A red stapler, a green leather desk pad, or a holiday lampshade are possibilities. A new cell phone cover in a holiday design adds sparkle to both your home office and to wherever you take your cell phone. 

Another way to add Christmas decor to an office desk is to use low-profile decorations that do not take much space. Use strong outline designs without fine details like the tree and reindeer shapes to keep an uncluttered look for the office. 

A thin white-washed wooden Christmas tree is narrow enough to fit behind a glass desk pad and still have room for a trio of fabric reindeer. Desk pads define the work area on desks, and during the holidays, help define how much space remains on the desk for adding holiday items that will not interfere with work. 

Any Christmas decorations in an office should not create dust or strew the office with glitter, faux snow, or shreds of tiny pieces of paper. Laptops and other electronic equipment need clean environments. In addition, paper files and correspondence need to be kept clean. Save glittery decorations for other parts of the house. 

 The white-washed wooden tree and fabric reindeer add Christmas cheer without adding problems to  electronics in the work area. 

The trio of deer blend with brown wood tones of office desks, and are a masculine design. No angels  with fluffy, feathery wings or pink bottle brush trees here. 

Brown suede and brown herringbone are traditional fabrics for men's clothing. If you are a seamstress, you can create some deer of your own by using men's old clothing. Tartan plaid is another fabric that goes well in offices. 

The brown and natural colored script fabric coordinates with the suede and herringbone fabrics. By itself, the script fabric could be viewed as either masculine or feminine depending upon what else it is used with. 

Summary of creating home office Christmas decor...

  • Replace existing items with ones that have a holiday look. 
  • Use narrow items that fit in small spaces outside the main work area. 
  • Items with strong outlines give the work area an uncluttered look. 
  • Keep work spaces free from glitter, faux snow, and shredded papers. 
  • Use traditional men's clothing fabrics for decor to give an office, or a teen-aged boy's room, a masculine jibe. 

What do you use to decorate your home office or study? 

Here's to spreading Christmas cheer all through the house, including offices, studies, and teen-aged boys' rooms. 

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  1. I've never come across finials like that. I like what you've done. Very subtle and elegant!

  2. Love the tree and reindeer! Looks so pretty!! The home office I'm using (until we finish moving into the new office) has no Christmas decor...and desperately needs some! I may have to look around to see what I can bring in here to make it a bit your idea Judith! Love and hugs!!

  3. Love these ideas, especially the reindeer. I switch out to a bright, cheerful Christmas mug this time of year. It really brightens my office at work. Old holidays mugs also make great pencil holders without taking up a lot of space.

    Marilyn (in Dallas)

  4. I love the wooden tree and now I'm wondering with whatever happened to the one I had.

  5. Judith, somehow I missed this when you first posted. I love the way you styled your office. Great suggestions. I think being understated is the way to decorate. My desk as a simple Santa figure beside a silver basket of tartan golf balls. Of course Sadie's photo is there as well and in a tartan frame.

  6. In my home office, I have placed two snowmen and a little garland on the shelves above my desk as well as placing a set of Santa figurines that I adore on the same shelves so that I see them each day. I also added a photo frame with my kids and on top of the file cabinet to go on the desk today is a photo of my friends and I taken a few Christmas's ago.
    Of course, on the other side of the room is a tree and a few other decorations as it is my grand dolls bedroom as well as my office.


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