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A French-Inspired Garden and Home by Judith Stringham

French Country Foxglove Welcome

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Flowers au naturel (according to nature, in a natural state, not artificial) are my first choice for flowers in my French-inspired garden and home, but sometimes real French country flowers are not possible. 

The sight of foxgloves growing abundantly and luxuriously throughout the Burgundy region in the center of France makes me want to grow foxgloves in my garden in north Texas.

After each trip to France I rush home with grand plans to grow lush flower gardens.

Grand plans to plant foxgloves that will say, "Bonjour." Welcome to my home.

Plans to plant soft peach foxgloves with deep rosy speckled throats and ruffled edges like ones found at a local store one spring and shared at Spring Peach Foxgloves

Then I step outside the doors of the airport and am met with a wall of hot air so thick I can hardly breathe.

And reality sets in.

The only foxgloves to welcome guests to my home will be ones treated as annuals in a pot or artificial ones. Undaunted, I fill my entry way with a purple pot of faux foxgloves.

Pale yellow faux hydrangeas in a large bird's nest atop an old pale blue  B O N J O U R  bucket sit on the vintage chippy wooden chair in my front entry and add to the feeling of a natural setting.

Living foxgloves may not thrive in the north Texas heat, but my entry still gives a French bonjour with its rustic metal bucket, artificial foxgloves, and a gold and blue beribboned French-style mirror. 

Seen from a distance standing in the kitchen, the pot of foxgloves is hard to distinguish from a pot of live plants. 

As I recently read, French Country style is making the best of life with elegance. No foxgloves in my garden? Not a problem. Make the best of it with artificial ones paired with an elegant French-style mirror. 

Does your garden have foxgloves? Oh, you lucky gardner!
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  1. Good morning, Judith! My garden doesn't have them either. I like your attitude though and your entry is beautiful. Thankfully faux flowers have come so far and it's usually very difficult to tell. I say use them and mix them in. ;)

  2. Bonjour, Judith! Fresh flowers say FRENCH to me....and it is hard to get the real French look in our American homes with so many lovely species of flowers unavailable to us. For me, lavender says it all in the summer. Gorgeous arrangements chez toi! Anita

  3. I absolutely have no problem with silk flowers and I think your arrangement is lovely. Very warm and welcoming!

    Why should we deprive ourselves of flowers that speak to our hearts even if our climate is not suitable to grow them ourselves? :-)

    Marilyn (in Dallas) - owner of a silk peony and lilac bouquet

  4. Judith, your home always reflects the grace and elegance of French Country style. I know you live with beauty all around.

  5. I love this display simply beautiful. back in the day during my floral career I enjoyed the use of silk, parchment and dried flowers to create an elegant space. This entry reminded me of that. Very well done.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  6. Your French inspired entry is lovely. Your faux foxgloves would have fooled me.

  7. I agree! No shame in having faux plants! At least you can't kill them:) LOVE THEM BEAMS!!! I'm voting for you to show LOTS of pics of the inside of this lovely beam house! LOL! I can just imagine:)

  8. Love, love your entry! Beautiful flowers. Take care, Maria

  9. Foxglove is a flower I never could grow , guess because of my soil or location where I planted them ?
    they are such a fantasy plant, love them

  10. wonderful ideas in this post. gave me the inspiration to redo my front door.

  11. Well I would like to know what sliver of the country foxgloves thrive in, because they have froze out on me three times in Chicagoland. Thank-fully they do make gorgeous ones..and occasionally they show up in the market stores. Lovely post, and I love them too. Thanks, Sandi

  12. Unfortunately, foxglove will not grow here either. Even in pots, it's so dry they don't last long. I do love they way the artificial ones look in your foyer, so maybe a trip to the craft store is the answer! As always, a beautiful post and photos!


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