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Creating Joyeux Printed Pages

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Paper Series Post 

Paper projects are among my favorite ways to while away the time.  A Christmas paper project is the best time of all.  Add a little French to the project, and I'm ecstatic, filled with joie (joy).

When I saw the little snippets of torn pages with the word JOY on them at Joanna Gaines' Magnolia store recently, my mind began thinking about how to create something similar, but using the word JOYEUX instead.

The instructions that follow are for Microsoft Word software and an HP photo printer, Envy 7640. The screens on your computer may vary from the ones shown below.  However, these instructions may be close enough to your computer's specifics that you can use them to help you. You will get the overview of the two main things to do... 1] create outlined words to print and 2] create a custom page size for your printer. 

Some of you may find easier ways of doing this project using different software, like Picmonkey.  I've tried Picmonkey and find using existing software on my computer is easier for me. 

I love how these turned out and thought others might want to know how to create some for themselves. 

Materials needed... 
  • pages from a book... I used pages from a paperback version of Words in a French Life 
  • gold paint pen... I used Pen-Touch 0.7 mm from Hobby Lobby 
  • printer... I used an HP Envy 7640 inkjet 
  • Microsoft Word software for creating documents 

Tear your selected pages from a paperback book.  Mine had been water damaged (who knows how?), with most of the pages undamaged.  Either leave the torn edge or trim the edge, whichever look you prefer. I chose to leave the torn edge. 

Create a new document in Microsoft Word. 
Choose the font of your choice from the options in your software.  My choice,  Jacques & Gilles, is shown below.

With the blank document page opened in Microsoft Word, select the FORMAT option from the menus across the top of the screen.  From the drop down sub-menus, select FONT, and a window like the one shown below should appear. When with wondering eyes what should appear.... 

  1. Set the styles for FONT, FONT STYLE, and SIZE.  Practice different SIZES until you find the size that will fill up the width of your paperback book's page. More about this later. 
  2. VERY IMPORTANT STEP:  Under EFFECTS, check OUTLINE.  That's what made the letters appear o.p.e.n like in a coloring book.  
  3. Click OK at the bottom of the page when you have finished your choices. 

You should now be back to your blank document page. 

VERY IMPORTANT STEP:  Change the settings for PAGE SETUP for a custom paper size that matches the width and height of your paperback book page. 
  1. Measure the width and height in inches of the book page.
  2. Select the EDIT option from the menus across the top of the screen. 
  3. From the drop-down menu underneath EDIT, select Page Setup.
  4. A Page Setup window should appear. See diagram below. 
  5. The Paper Size shown in the window below is US Letter.  Use the up/down arrows in that box to select (Manage) Custom Sizes. 

Another window, titled Custom Paper Sizes, should appear.  See diagram below. 

  1. In the Custom Paper Sizes window, create a new custom size by clicking the + symbol underneath the box that contains the names of your custom paper sizes that you created previously.  
  2. Title your new Custom Paper Size so you can remember what paper fits it. 
  3. Enter your paperback book's width and height in the boxes and click OK.

You should now be back to your blank document page. 

You are now ready to type what word(s) you want on your paper book pages. 
  1. Type your chosen word(s). 
  2. Center the Alignment. 
  3. Adjust the size of your font until your word(s) fill the width of the page. 
  4. Adjust where the word(s) appear on the page.  You may want to print a practice blank page to check the location of the word(s) against your paperback book page. 
  5. VERY IMPORTANT TIP:  Chose a font color that is GRAY so that once you fill in the word(s) with your gold paint pen you will not be able to see the printer's ink. See the diagram above for how pale the word JOYEUX appears.

Set your PRINTER paper tray to accept the paperback book pages.  My tray has adjustable guides on either side that slide back and forth to surround the paper inserted into the tray. 
  1. Insert a blank piece of paper you have cut to the same size as your paperback book into the Printer's tray.
  2. Print your sample paper to check alignment against your paperback book page. 
  3. Insert your paperback book pages into the printer's tray and PRINT. 

Now comes the fun part...  Coloring in your words using your GOLD paint pen. 

There are several options at craft stores for gold paint pens.  I bought both a Pilot GOLD MARKER, extra fine point, and a Pen-touch, 0.7 mm point.  

Since the Pen-touch is much more metallic and brighter, that's the one I used.  By "free-hand", I also added a "leading tail" to the letter J.  Color inside the outlined words using downward strokes to fill the fat parts of the letters. As lightly as possible, trace the thin parts of the letters. 

This is one of my favorite paper projects.  Already I am thinking of more words and phrases to print on the paperback book pages.

Here is how the finished pages look.