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Closet Spring Cleaning Frenzy

Sunday, March 15, 2015

My mother had a saying when I was growing up, 

A place for everything, 
and everything in its place. 

Deep within my soul I am driven by those words 
even though my house frequently does not look like it. 
Clutter here, clutter there, clutter everywhere you look. 
All the while I turn a blind eye, focusing on what has to be 
accomplished today before I sleep. 

one midnight, 
yes, it seems like it is always midnight, 
I cannot take the clutter any more. 
Then, in a frenzy, I begin cleaning 
and cleaning, and cleaning.... 
all during the wee hours of the night. 
It's like something inside snaps. 

Do you suppose I have obsessive compulsive disorder? 
Nope! Otherwise I could not turn a blind eye 
all those days... really weeks... sometimes years.  

One of the closets is the space undergoing a cleaning frenzy, 
and it is taking more than one night of de-cluttering and re-organizing.

The wire basket tower is almost stripped bare.
The cluttered baskets have been removed for cleaning,
de-cluttering, and re-organizing.

T H E N 

What began as cleaning turned into a 


The tall wire basket tower is no longer pulling its weight. 
Quilts, throws, and pillows just do not fit into those 
file drawer size baskets.

See that European size blue checked pillow
perched precariously on the top small wire shelf?
That pillow is longing for a nice safe place to rest.

Do you also see those useless wire shelves
sitting next to the pillow on top of the small wire shelf?
Not only are they not being used,
they are taking up valuable closet space!

Those wire baskets are so hard to pull out, 
metal riding/grating on metal, 
not the newer drawer glider versions now available. 
The tower sits at the center of the back of the closet, 
looking like a good idea, but NOT. 

The tower has to go! 

After much online and hardware store searching, 
I've decided upon wire shelving, 
20" deep by 36" wide. 
Big enough for quilts, comforters, pillows, and woven BASKETS,
not just metal grid baskets.

Oh, yes, I'm dreaming of woven baskets on new, bigger shelves. 

One design problem.

An 8" by 8" pine post stands in the back corner of the closet. 
Remember, my house is a post and beam house 
in which all that wood is structurally functional. 
The post stays. 

How to work with the post? 

Next time I will show the new closet shelves,
with the 8"x 8" pine post design solution,
and show what has found a much-needed home on the new shelves.
Hint: There is much rejoicing by linens at my house. 

Are you in a Spring cleaning frenzy also?