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Christmas Beautiful Ideas #1

Monday, November 10, 2014

Christmas means different things to different people, 
but everyone sees beauty in Christmas in some way. 

As the magical season of the year draws near, 
I will be sharing a series of posts with some ideas and tips I think are  
Christmas beautiful ideas.  

I hope you, too, find some Christmas beauty in them and that they will 
be useful for you to find ways to adapt them to express 
the beauty of Christmas in your home.  

Christmas Beautiful Idea #1
ivory fabric deer 
gift tags  

Beautiful Christmas presents make the excitement of receiving such 
a specially wrapped gift even more exciting. 

The fabric deer with their embroidered outlines and little gold bells 
will be treasures to keep and to use for many years to come 
long after the package is unwrapped this Christmas. 

When presents are this beautiful, they can be used 
as a table arrangement for weeks leading up to Christmas. 
Their beauty can be enjoyed by the whole family, 
not just the intended recipient. 

Of course, you may have to find ways to discourage 
A gift bag can stand empty until a couple of days before giving the gift. 

While boxes are more secure in keeping the gift 'under wraps,' 
determined peekers can still find ways to peek at a wrapped gift. 
When we were children, one of my brothers was always 
so excited about presents he could hardly wait until Christmas. 
Mother loved to wrap presents early and to put them under the tree 
which made it even harder for my brother to wait.  
One year, just after my brother learned to read, and 
knew which tags had his name on them, 
he found a way to peek at just his presents. 
He chewed a corner off each present so 
he could peek inside the box. 

Yes, we all knew who the guilty party was. 
Only his presents had chewed corners. 
Boy, was he in trouble, 
but we still laugh about that. 

Here are a few suggestions for how to create a special display with packages. 

You don't have to wrap all your presents now, just a handful that have 
special ribbons, papers, and adornments. 

Coordinate the color of the packages. 

Repeat the use of some items such as the deer tags and fresh greenery. 

Use items with different heights.  
Not only is the display more interesting, each item can be seen more fully. 
Stack some presents if they are all the same size. 

Use an odd number of objects, some of which are not gifts, but that 
repeat the gift packages' colors and other embellishments like the greenery. 

Finally, look for ways to use items in ways different from their normal use. 
These beautiful ivory fabric deer tags came as a ribbon. 
Yes, a ribbon. 
All the deer were connected together as a ribbon, 
but by cutting them off individually and using a hole punch, 
they can be used as gift tags. 

I hope you will watch for my entire series of posts during 
November and December 
that will be about what I think are Christmas beautiful ideas
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  1. Bonjour Judith! Sometimes for me, the gift wrap is more fun to touch, stare at and wonder at than it is to open it! But of course, what is inside is always a joy to discover. But gorgeous little notions such as this sweet dear are and extra bit of beauty that make the gift even more memorable. This is fun to follow your ideas! WE ARE GETTING SNOWED ON at this very moment! I need to get outside and shovel before work!!

  2. I'm so excited to read this post and know you'll be doing more. I love making things beautiful for the holidays and the details make all the difference. Now to find some of the ribbon....! I want to make some felt ornies and do something with my old quilt, too. So many great ideas! I thought your first photo was the cover of a magazine....beautiful! Hugs!

  3. Lovely ideas! I was so relieved that the deer tags were purchased as ribbon. What a lot of work they would be to make individually! Gift wrapping is one of the things I like most about Christmas. Each year I try to do something unique. One year I sewed the presents closed either by hand or machine depending on the gift. What fun people had figuring out how to open their gift! I've also used black and white photos of the recipient on the gift. So much fun to do! thank you for sharing your beautiful ideas!

  4. I never considered using gifts as table decor...brilliant! Your chosen Christmas colors, though traditional red and green, are very soft. I love the way those colors comingle with neutrals. Little bits of evergreen are more appealing to me than a bough or branch stealing the show. Your table arrangements are always perfect and your chairs continue to melt my heart. Great post.

  5. I love your ideas and your decorations.

    I was the bad one in my family - couldn't wait to see what was in the boxes. Now, the lead up to Christmas is more important to me than the actual day.

    I look forward to more lovely posts.

  6. This is so lovely Judith! I love new fresh ideas for holiday decor and this is a real winner. The reindeer tags are wonderful. Thanks for giving us new inspiration!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  7. These are elegant tags, I'm always looking for something new, or different.

  8. Your wrapping is so beautiful and elegant. J'Adore.

  9. Oh so pretty. I love your packages, so gorgeous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  10. Great idea for a series, Judith. I adore beautiful wrappings. Presentation is important! '-)

  11. Oh Judith,
    I have to tell you often a gift will sit all day with me, admiring the presentation of its beauty more then the gift inside. Your gift-wrapping is so natural, its truly wrapped in a likeness to the tones I would pick out. as for the reindeer, for some reason this year I am feeling the deer over birds, and stars over glass ornaments. I will have to see what sparks my creative interest this year. can you believe how fast the year has gotten by? I better hurry here and gt crative or my tree will be bare. :)

    Nice to see the holiday spirit over here

    Joyeux Noel


  12. hallo, judith, ihre dekoration ist soooo süß!!! wow!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland und einen schönen dienstag

  13. I look forward to more of your ideas. If they're all a special as your gift tags there is a lot to look forward to.

  14. Beautiful gifts for sure. I love the gorgeous deer you attached. Great ideas. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me.

  15. tes idées sont superbes...Thanks for sharing
    bisous de la France

  16. Love this! Looking forward to seeing more!

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  17. I love all of these Christmas ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Thanks so much for linking up at Your Turn To Shine! These are adorable!
    Kendra @


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