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Time Stops...

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The first Sunday in November at 2:00 a.m. 
is the date and time 
to fall back from Daylight Saving Time 
to Standard Time in the United States. 

Time Stops... 
and backs up one hour. 

Oh, were that really possible in our lives, 
what would we change if we had one hour to relive? 

If the sands of time flipped over and an hour in our lives could be recreated, 
would we change anything? 

Would we go back to an hour forty-one years ago to  
an unexpected stop at a roadside tag sale 
along a country road in Tennessee? 
Would we change anything about buying 
the antique humpback mantle clock? 
Haggling with the seller? 
When a loved one first made a pun about my name 
being Judith? 
Calling our dear friend who was an antique dealer 
for advice about prices before we said, "Deal?" 
One of our first purchases together for our home as newlyweds? 
If we did, would that create a series 
of changes that took our lives down a different fork 
in time, creating a different present today? 

Would we relive an hour twenty-six years ago during the times 
we built our house, doing much of the work with our own hands? 
Would that have changed future time enough that this mantle 
I love would have been missed? 

The carving of a fruit and flower filled basket is perfect for this season of the year. 

Seeing it reminds me of all the good times 
with families and friends during special occasions. 
Memories of decorating it for those special occasions, 
memories of photos of loved ones standing before it. 
Memories of several loved ones who are no longer with us. 
No, I would not change an hour that caused the mantle to be missed. 

If the clock faces were bare, no hands marking the hours, 
allowing us to recapture an hour in our lives, 
what hour would it be? 

What hour would we choose? 
9:52?  12:36?  10:10? 

If only we could see clearly the perfect time to choose... 
If only a mirror could show us a clear reflection into the past and future 
to guide us in our selection... 

There is no magic mirror to guide us. 

What would I change? 
Nothing in the past. 
Too many precious memories that could also 
be changed may be lost. 
All of the decisions we've made in our lives 
created our lives over the years. 

Who we are, what we've done, are made 
from interconnected, interwoven threads 
that have far more to keep than to lose. 

So, as I look in the mirror of life, 
I choose to see and to celebrate the good 
that came from our past decisions. 

Would you change anything? What? Why? 


  1. Oh... what would I change?? Not much, to change one hair is to change all. :-) We often say 'if only'.... How would I choose?? Such teasing thoughts.
    Luv the thoughts you have started me thinking of.
    Happy today.
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Oh, thanks for the reminder about daylight savings time. I almost forgot. I would change a few things, but I also believe that the past makes us who we are now, so I embrace it as much as I can. I love all your clocks. My daughter has a thing for clocks and watches, and she would love this post.

    Have a nice weekend.


  3. I agree with you, Judith. I don't look back with regret. We have to make decisions in life, then go where they take us. This is a lovely, thoughtful post.

  4. What would I change? My first thought is of they day I changed my plan and didn't go see my step Dad. He died very unexpectedly and I missed my last chance to see him. But that taught me to put people ahead of work and to be careful of missed opportunities, and I worry the lesson might have come at an even greater cost... how philosophic your post has made me.
    Congratulations on the Leibster - what a wonderful blog - I am your newest follower, here, facebook, and pinterest. Oh dear.. I feel like a stalker now!

  5. If I could change an hour here or there it would be a time when I answered angrily, without thought. It was not worth it, only hurt. The tongue is truly two-edged, capable of hurting or blessing.

    Your words here are beautiful, even more beautiful than the beauty of your mantle, and thought-provoking. And they remind me that much as I would like to go back and change some of mine, I can only go forward and learn from the past.

  6. I have very few regrets that I would really want to go back and change.

    Now that I am blogging, I regret some of the pieces I gave away when we downsized, but they were the right decisions then.

    Love your sweet clock.

  7. Yes, exchanging kinder words for angry ones is something worthy of being changed.


  8. Beautiful post, Judith. Sure, we all have regretted some decisions. Hopefully, the good outweigh the bad and the decisions we would change would make today better, not worse. The road not taken has no guarantees -- nor does the one we chose! Even some of our bad decisions may have ultimately made us better people since we learn from our mistakes -- hopefully!


  9. Well, one thing if I looked back, if you said I would be blogging I would have said you must be mistake, you must mean someone else. Because of Debbie I pushed publish and I am so glad I did.

  10. That would be mistaken. I have a love/hate relationship with autocorrect.

  11. Excellent thought provoking post! Loved the clocks and your mantel too!



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