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More Exciting News...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

More exciting news this week... 

Botanic Bleu 
is one of the twenty-five bloggers in the upcoming 

I am so excited to be joining twenty-four talented bloggers who will 
share their insider tips on how to create their stunning fall vignettes... 

Just in time for Thanksgiving! 

So take a guess as to what inspired my fall vignette 
that I will be sharing on November 12? 

If you guessed French designs, you are so right. 
Be sure to visit all the blogs every day so you don't miss 
any of their great ideas. 
Then, come back again on November 12 to see my 
French Cloches and Lanterns.

Until then, here's a peek at the beginning of 
Botanic Bleu's 
garden shed Christmas decorations. 
The rest of the shed is still a jumble. 

See Botanic Bleu on Facebook and Pinterest for more photos of 
a Country French Christmas in my garden shed.
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